An HVAC service agreement in Seymour, Wisconsin, with Diedrick's Heating and Air Conditioning makes it easy to stay current on regular maintenance.

Normal tune-ups are crucial because they can:

  • Make your system more efficient, potentially saving you more on fuel expenses
  • Aid your HVAC system to run more smoothly, possibly helping you avoid costly repairs
  • Lengthen your HVAC system’s longevity

Our contract makes it painless to stay on top of maintenance and keep your family comfortable no matter the weather.

Get ahold of us at 920-833-7967 immediately to begin a service agreement for your residence.

Six Advantages of Establishing an HVAC Service Agreement

Our maintenance arrangements come with a number of benefits for all possible models and brands of heating and cooling systems.

These values include:

  1. Thorough inspection by our heating and cooling experts to recognize and consider problems
  2. Maintaining efficiency
  3. Installing new filters
  4. Lowering the need for urgent repairs
  5. Verifying your heating and cooling equipment is at peak performance
  6. Exclusive discounts on parts and labor

Our Maintenance Agreement Includes 24 Preventative Tasks:

  • Check & replace filter as needed
  • Check AMP draw
  • Remove & clean burners
  • Check furnace vent pipes
  • Check & adjust gas pressure
  • Vacuum or clean blower motor
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Change nozzle and oil filters
  • Check & remove blockage from drain line
  • Check capacitor
  • Check for gas leaks on furnace
  • Visual inspection of heat exchanger
  • Adjust or replace belts, if needed
  • Inspect inside coil
  • Clean outside coil
  • Check humidifier and filter
  • Visually inspect components
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check thermostats
  • Vacuum out heat exchanger
  • Check thermocouple
  • Co check system operations
  • Clean condensate trap
  • Overview of condition of system

Set Up Your Service Agreement Today

We’ll stick to your service agreement and make sure your equipment works well throughout the year. Call us at 920-833-7967 or contact us online to set up your planned service agreement today.