Furnace Service & Repair

Is your furnace out or not working like it used to? Diedticks Heating and Air Conditioning in Seymour, WI services all makes and models of heating systems. Problems with your furnace tend to start small and go unnoticed until they turn into major problems. Because of this it is important to pay close attention to your furnace and schedule a repair service as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary.  From minor maintenance issues to complete equipment failure, we take a personalized approach and develop a cost-effective course of action. Above all our certified technicians understand how important it is to have an operating furnace. As a result we pledge to offer cost effective reliable maintenance and repair work on every job.

  • Lower Heat Levels. You can probably figure out that the furnace needs repairs if it only blows cold air, but the same holds true if the air is warm but not quite as warm as you’re expecting. The trouble could stem from clogged burners, a breach in the ducts, or a lack of fuel among other issues.
  • Strange Noises. A strange noise means anything you don’t immediately identify as a normal part of your heater’s functioning: anything from hums to groans to rattles and whistles. In most cases, the noises will start and stop with the starting and stopping of the furnace itself.
  • Higher Bills. Sometimes, the problem won’t show any overt signs, but will force the malfunctioning component to use more energy to do its job: driving your monthly rates up even when you haven’t used the system any more often than normal.

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